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A successful step forward for persolog


Persolog Management GmbH has taken over the scientific oeuvres of Prof. Dr. John G. Geier and Dorothy Downey.

With the acquisition of all intellectual property rights, copyrights and brands of Geier Learning International, persolog has taken a decisive step towards securing the future: persolog is now able to further develop their worldwide market of self-assessment tools free of external licensors.


Already today, the worldwide distribution of self-assessment tools is exclusively controlled by persolog from Germany: Geier Learning International transferred the exclusive worldwide marketing rights for their models to persolog GmbH as early as 2004, the most famous model being the Personality Factor Model. "Personal Profile System" is what Professor Dr. John G. Geier originally named his widely known personality profile that features four behavior dimensions: Dominant, Initiative, Steady and Conscientious - D, I, S & C in short. The acronym DISC was coined by him in 1972.


Over the years persolog took on more and more content-related development work with its own product development and collaborations with German universities. Together with Geier, the context- and situation-related persolog® Personality Factor Profile was designed. Based on Geier and Downey’s work, persolog also addressed topics such as stress management, employee integration and learning behavior to create effective learning instruments in up to 36 languages.


The late Prof. Dr. John Geier and his wife Dorothy Downey shared the desire for their life's work to be continued. "It is an honor that Dorothy Downey entrusts us with all rights for Geier & Downey’s life’s work. She wishes for these effective and successful learning instruments to live on with and through persolog," say Friedbert Gay and Dettmar Leu, shareholders of persolog Group.

They add: "Today is our day to ensure that we can continue the development of know-how from over 40 years of research in the future to create added value for our worldwide partners, customers and employees.”


About the company: persolog GmbH, a subsidiary of persolog Management GmbH, is one of the leading German consulting firms in the field of personality development. With 17 partners worldwide, the company forms an international network of consultants. More than 10,000 certified persolog trainers are currently using persolog models to develop individual solutions for targeted personnel development and organizational optimization in companies. Persolog GmbH is based in Remchingen near Karlsruhe and employs 41 professionals in its two branches persolog Academy and persolog Publishing House.

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