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Time Management Profile Online

Nowadays, many people feel that they are living their lives in the fast lane. The race against time, deadlines, and endless rushing is never-ending. The fact is that fewer and fewer people have mastered the art of spending their time on the things that matter most.

Time is the most valuable human resource – it cannot be stored, traded in, or regained. The saying “time is money” describes time’s value, but time is much more than that – “time is life.” Compare your time to a diamond: your time resembles either a rough, uncut diamond, or a cut and polished one. Time management helps you cut your diamond and polish it to a shine. This is because time management allows you to handle your valuable time effectively and effciently.

Fill in the online questionnaire (67 items, it takes 15 minutes) and receive your personalized report (53 pages PDF), which will help you to:

  • recognize your current time management skills
  • develop your own time management strategies
  • gain control of your time

The profile is scientifically validated, based on many years of research, it analyses 13 competence areas and gives you practical methods to improve each. Here is the summary of the report:

  • This is how time management arises
  • Your intention to improve time management
  • The dimensions of time management behavior
  • Evaluation: Your time management graph
  • Your time management diamond
  • Time assessment – how do you assess your time usage?
  • Planning – how do you plan your time usage?
  • Execution – how do you use your time?
  • Monitoring – how do you observe your time usage?
  • Action plan​: Your personal way to a better time management


You can fill in the online questionnaire in several languages (including romanian), but the report will be created in english!

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