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Dedicate yourself to your most precious asset: your time

Time Management Model Certification

Time is your most valuable resource. Every activity takes time - and this time can not be recovered. Therefore, an optimal way of dealing with time is the key to a fulfilled and successful life. Compare your time with a diamond: your time usage is like a rough diamond that you can polish with exercising time management behavior.

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The persolog® Time Management Model helps you to use your time effectively - and to develop the competences of your training participants.

You will learn about your current time competence levels and in which areas you need to develop. You'll understand how to plan your time correctly and what is the best way to get the most out of your time. From your unique profile personal strategies are derived in order to focus on the important things in the future and achieve your long-term goals.

This certification is for you if you want to ...

  • optimize your handling of time.
  • want a personalized time management concept, based on a scientifically validated assessment instrument
  • support your employees or training participants in finding individual strategies for the optimal use of their own time.


  • You will learn how good your current time management is.
  • You will define areas of competences in which you can develop your time management even more.
  • You will develop specific time management strategies that you can pass on directly to your employees and seminar participants.
  • You will receive a compact overview of current research on time management.
  • You will learn exercises that you can use in trainings
  • You will get a complete concept for a time management training that you can be easily adapted to the needs of your customers - including slides, participant materials, and trainer guide.


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Format & schedule:

  • online (live)
  • 4 sessions of 2,5 hours (dates will be chosen together) + follow-up
  • some of the materials are also available in Romanian.


Materials included: 

  • Time Management Profile Online
  • Facilitative Manual - Part 1 & 2 - PDF
  • Participant Workbook - Printed + PDF
  • QuickCheck Time Management - Printed + Online
  • PPT presentation
  • Complete 1 & 2 day TM training agenda
  • Special gift
  • Certificate ”Certified Trainer for the persolog Time Management Model”


Peter Kulcsar – Director & Master Trainer,

Peter Kulcsar – Director & Master Trainer

Conduce compania persolog în România, Moldova și Ungaria. Este Master Trainer pentru Modelul de Personalitate și Modelul Managementul Timpului persolog, fiind specializat în evaluare comportamentală și dezvoltarea echipelor.

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I would highlight the quality of the persolog materials and the good atmosphere of the training. Despite there was no personal meeting, I had the feeling that we are sitting in the same room.

Attila Ész
EMS Change Agent, Electrolux

I’ve been working in HR for 14 years. I can tell that the TM certification organized by persolog is the best course I have participated recently. As a participant you will recieve a lot of valuable information, which will help you to create healthy habits and as a trainer you will receive a complete training package.

Roxana Ichim
Training and Development Manager, SCC Services

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