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How to Interpret Difficult Graphs

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How to Interpret Difficult Graphs

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't offer a clear feedback on your client's graphs? Would you like to become much more confident in interpreting complex graphs? Would you like to assimilate the proper language used by one of the best persolog master trainers in the world?

With this online training persolog offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge regarding graph interpretation independently of time and place. As a trainer, coach or recruiter, it is essential not to draw the wrong conclusions when you get confronted with difficult graphs. After this course, you’ll immediately recognize what behavioral tendencies stand behind any graph. You will know which aspects you should pay attention to and which questions you should ask if someone cannot identify with his or her graph.

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Who should participate?

  • certified trainers in the persolog® Personality Factor Model who would like to learn how to interpret the three graphs of the model quickly and with certainty.
  • who would like to practice the basics as well as specific cases of graph interpretation flexibly and self-directedly.
  • who wants to identify immediately which behavioral tendency stands behind a graph, which dynamics it is characterized by, and what kind of personal challenges might this person face.


What can you expect?

  • you’ll receive your access data to our online platform and as soon as you’re logged in, you can start learning as you like, independently of time and place.
  • there are 31 interactive videos including quizzes, transmitting theoretical and practical knowledge (total length: 2h 38 min)
  • 12 case studies interpreted live by Paul Donders - master trainer and CEO of Persolog Netherlands.
  • PDF materials, which you can download: Participant handbook, 4 Checklists, Exercises, Sample analysis
  • Processing time of the course: 4–10 hours

What are your benefits?

  • You'll have life-time access to the course: you can go through it at any time, any place!
  • You'll get an exclusive insight and knowledge into the world of personality development.
  • You'll learn from one of the best persolog master trainers and expand your expert skills decisively.
  • You'll know how to satisfy your customers even faster and how to help them succeed.
  • After having completed the course, you’ll receive a qualified Training Certificate - your persolog "black belt".
  • Satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the quality of the content, inform us in 30 days and we'll refund your money!


Paul Donders – Master Trainer & Coach,

Paul Donders – Master Trainer & Coach

Paul has been active as a trainer and coach since 1987 in the field of Management Development programs and strategic advice. As a consultant, he works in the Netherlands both in business and in health care. He is co-owner and director of persolog Nederland since 2001.

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